Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Raymond Chandler Web Site Is Back!!!

The Raymond Chandler Website disappeared from the Internet for a while when we lost the server on which it was being hosted. Now we've finally gotten the site back up and live thanks to the good folks at Palmetto New Media.

We are still in the process of shaking out the broken links and doing a general bit of dusting and polishing, but the Raymond Chandler Website is now back online here.


Unknown said...

Thank God! My life has meaning again. Losing the Raymond Chandler website was a major blow and I'm so glad it's back again. It had always been my favourite website and was such a valued and valuable resource for this devotee of the great man. Welcome back!

MOGottlieb said...

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Anonymous said...

I love Philip Marlowe. Favorite private eye. Favorite story is The Big Sleep.

Anonymous said...

Very timely that I found your Raymond Chandler site as I had just finished an entry on my own website concerning this hard-boiled noir genius. The page addresses the first sentence of various novels and for some reason I found myself doing LA Confidential. Naturally, I could not let James Ellroy stand alone on this mean street, so I next contrasted his LA Confidential 75-word sentence to Chandler's opening paragraph to The Big Sleep.
Anyone who wishes to read this entry may do so at It's a totally free website, no registrations or logins or passwords. Free in every way. You'll find the Chandler entry on First Things First.
Oh, and while listening to The Little Sister - I think - I was taken by a lengthy screed delivered by a beleagured, disgusted, frustrated LA detective (what else?) that was eerily reflective of our Defund Police, criminal leniency over a safe society etc. Anyway, glad to find you and hope to find that latest Marlowe book, if it exists.